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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Woops, should my baby be throwing up baby gang signs by now?

Yikes, I think I may have missed the boat for baby sign language. To be honest, I thought it was a bit creepy before I had kids. I remember my friend's kid aggressively running up to me banging his fists together. When I asked his mom what the heck he was doing, she said "oh, Timmy is asking for more milk."...K, what?! I also didn't want it to postpone my daughter from using real words...until today, when my dear new friend at M's gymnastics class enlightened me.

I asked her if her daughter (who's a month younger than M), started violently throwing food at her when she was done eating. "Oh, never!" she answered, "Navaya just signs that she is done, and I take her out of her high chair". I responded quickly, "OH, right, of course! Same here..." Meanwhile I'm sure I still had the rest of M's breakfast stuck to the back of my shirt from her telling me she was done her earlier meal. Damnit.

Ha! Ok for reals though, I'm going to start this early with my next one because as much as I find it highly aggravating that food is thrown accross my kitchen every few hours, I'm sure my daughter is just as frustrated that she can't get her point across in a more effecianet manner. I found a site that's pretty helpful, as well as I know they offer baby sign classes in most cities! Good luck mamas.

Xo - S
This is the sign my lovely food throwing baby would have found useful :)

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