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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Oh baby baby! 1 + 1 = double stroller?! Yikes.

So apparently we don't waste any time...I have an 11 month old and am 5 months preggers! YIKES. I'm terribly excited and terrified at the same time. The news of being pregnant wasn't so life altering as the last.

The first time wasn't so...planned. OK well we weren't on the pill so we knew it could happen. But at that time, I was serving overpriced drinks and appies at a restaurant, partying my fanny off and my bf and I spent our weekends drinking beer and snowboarding. I came home one night, pee'd on a stick and threw it at my bfs head while sobbing. He's 11 years older to he was less terrified than I. ANYWAY jump to 3(ish) months ago when I pee'd on that damn stick again. We were both so excited to have have another little baybay. My daughter is the best thing that's ever happened to us and we had a hard time grasping that we're getting that gift again. So what did I do once I found out the second time? Tossed the stick in the garbage, yelled the result across the house and grabbed my laptop to! Derrr.

SO obvy we need a double stroller as my little crawling machine is not yet sontering through the mall beside me. I have a Mountain Buggy Urban right now, I love it for trails - hate it for shopping. I'm going to keep it, but need something for both little monkeys. So after doing much momma research and googling. I've found this: the Baby Jogger City Select is the cats ass. I saw a mom with the double at the mall the other day, when I stopped her to ask if she liked it, her face lit up as if she was so glad someone asked. She loved it, everyone else loves it, if you're looking for the ultimate tandem double stroller, you may love it too. Check er out mamas...

If you want further comments on my Mountain Buggy, feel free to ask. It's the best jogging stroller out there, hands down. I'm sad that the runway collection wasn't out when i bought mine, they're purdy!

Xo -S

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