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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Now that you're a mama, how sexy is too sexy for a party?

As I've mentioned, I'm a bit younger than my bf and his crowd of friends. Some of them have somewhat of a puppy mill happening at their home, and have been pushing babies out every year since we've been together (5ish years). Until we started building a soccer team of our own, I felt a tad out of place when it came time for the wives and husbands to go to their sides of the room and socialize. It wasn't just conversation that showed our age gap, but also our choice of outfits.

As a mother I now realize that you're lucky we leave the house with a bra on some days. But I've always been one to put mucho thought into my outfits for weddings, holiday parties etc. Some mothers, perhaps with less interest in fashion, find it quite OK to wear black slacks and a blouse that's been in their closet since their first job interview. Meanwhile, I went to Marciano a week before the event and tried on a dozen dresses before finding the right balance between classy, trendy and a tad sexy.

NOW, on the other hand I've also witnessed some mothers go a bit to far on the sexy (trashy) side. Now that I'm a mom I do not want to be mistaken for an escort. Mothers that leave the house in shirts where if a strong wind hit you'd see nipple, just seem icky to me.

So ladies, where is the balance? Below are some dresses I see fit for a confident, trendy mama at any event this fall or winter. As a fellow woman of team A-cup, I prefer to show a little extra leg and less chesticles. Let me know what you think!

 I would wear any of these four to a party this holiday season if I wasn't carrying extra cargo like a kangaroo.
You can get any of these dresses at

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