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Friday, 25 November 2011

Up to my ankles in style

I'm not sure if you could classify me as some one who is a show problem. Every season I buy a couple staples and then the odd extra pair to match a new outfit. So perhaps the collection is adding up to look a bit rediculous but it's just that I have a hard time parting with shoes...Do I really have to justify this to you? No, I'm sure I don't. But I felt the need to when my mother commented on my new knee high grey boots as if I had just purchased a baggy of cocaine to support a nasty addiction. NO narcotics my friends! Just more boots!

Anyway, thanks to the Kardashians everyone and their poodle have a pair of thigh highs right now. I however believe everyone and their poodle should own a pair of ankle boots. If you live in skinnies and leggings in this cold weather like myself, you will be able to rock these on the daily. 

For the classy & chic:
Charlotte Ronson - Gretchen lace up bootie 
GILT - $99

For the casual & cool:
Mcdavis Ankle Boot - ALDO on sale $69
For the in betweeners:
KORS Michael Kors Byford High Heel Booties - SHOPBOP $430

 If I had the legs for these right now I would love, love, lovvvve:
Maytorena - ALDO $80

Xo - S

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