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Friday, 2 December 2011

Organization Motivation

I wish I could say I'm the perfect housewife, I really do. But as we speak there's a giant, erupting laundry basket in my peripheral vision that I'm refusing to look at; because, acknowledging how behind i am in laundry in this house is more terrifying to me than jumping out of a plane with a discontinued parachute.

I admire the women that so naturally float throughout the house folding and dusting while humming a tune from The Sound of Music. These women DO exist! My question is: when no one is around to see, does this same woman clean with an oversize glass of wine in hand, and curse her husband's name under her breath for being too cheap to let her hire a cleaning lady? Or is this just me?....Anyone?

As a mom, should I enjoy cleaning or just accept that it's my destiny? That is, until I get my own reality show and can pay for laundry to be folded while I avoid paparazzi and Tweet my day away...

Well, until Bravo or E get back to me, I'll have to spend an hour of my day in agony picking up dirty socks and chiseling dried food out of the seat of a highchair.

I may have found one of these happy to clean women. Her name is Jennifer and she is PASSIONATE about organizing, but she's even got ME excited about organizing! I have already bought some of her printables off Etsy, and she really is brilliant with ideas on how to keep a grip on the day to day life of your family.
 Check out Jennifer's blog out here.

 After reading her stuff, I'm actually so excited to move into my new house and organize my heart out!

"happy" cleaning my friends.

Xo - S

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